About Blueprint

Blueprint is CoLab's annual summit—we bring together innovators from across industries, startups, and academia to peek into the future of technology and design.

At Blueprint, we showcase prototype highlights from CoLab's 2018 design sprints and look ahead to our 2019 portfolios. Guest speakers will join us to share perspectives on the circular economy, the future of work, the distributed web, and smart cities.

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CoLab is IDEO's Platform for Collaborative Impact.


September 20

Thursday is open to our members and our broader community. We will be focusing on the evolution of the CoLab and our portfolio areas for 2019.

8:30 AM
  • Arrival & Check-In

    Arrival, Breakfast, Morning Activity.

9:00 AM
  • Intro Talk: The Evolution of CoLab
    Matt Weiss, Joe Gerber, & Becca Carroll

    Welcome to Blueprint, the story of CoLab, preview of what's to come.

9:20 AM
  • Keynote Conversation
    Tim Brown & Colin Raney, Shuya Gong

    The Keynote conversation for Blueprint.

9:50 AM
  • Intro to Portfolio Areas & Prototypes in the Gallery

    An open gallery walk of CoLab's Blueprint prototypes.

10:15 AM
  • Prototype Gallery Time & Coffee Break

    Coffee break over prototypes in the gallery.

11:15 AM
  • Member Panel
    Elaine Strunk, Sergio Fregoni, Merjin Dols, Brian Hoff, Sean Belka

    A conversation with current CoLab members from H&M, Exelon, YNAP, Danone, McDonald's, and Fidelity Investments.

12:00 PM
  • Lunch & Prototype Gallery Time

    Lunch & a gallery walk with prototype presentations from the CoLab team.

1:00 PM
  • Portfolio Lightning Talks
    Joe Iles, Joey Krug, Maite Diez Canedo, Blaine Merker, & Dave Kim

    Circular Economy
    Chris Grantham + Joe Iles

    Distributed Web
    Dan Elitzer / Joey Krug

    Dynamic Workforces
    Becca Chacko / Maite Diez Canedo

    Collaborative Cities
    Joanne Cheung / Blaine Merker

    Becca Chacko / Dave Kim

2:00 PM
  • Break

    A quick break before breakout sessions.

2:30 PM
  • Portfolio breakout sessions & Advisory Council Breakout

    Working sessions for CoLab's new portfolio areas.

3:30 PM
  • Happy Hour & Prototype Gallery Walk

    A gallery walk & happy hour for all attendees to see prototypes, network, chat, etc.

5:30 PM
  • Event close

    Happy hour ends at 5:30 PM!


September 21

On Friday, we invite our members to take a deeper dive into how to the CoLab creates impact and our prototypes at Blueprint. We'll be making some exciting announcements and concretely exploring cross-industry collaboration and partnerships.

9:00 AM
  • Arrival & Breakfast

    Attendees arrive, check in.

9:30 AM
  • Intro Talk: Deeper Dive into CoLab
    Joe Gerber & Tara Tan

    Talking about CoLab's next steps, where we're headed.

10:00 AM
  • Funders & Founders: New Approaches in Venture Creation
    Ian Lee

    A panel with startup founders & funding partners.

11:00 AM
  • Break

    A quick break.

11:30 AM
  • Lunch & Prototype Gallery Time

    Lunch & a gallery walk with prototype presentations from the CoLab team.

12:25 PM
  • Breakout Sessions

    Working sessions for CoLab's new portfolio areas.

1:45 PM
  • Closing Remarks

    Winding down the day's events.

2:00 PM
  • Event Close at Southern Exposure

    The day ends at southern exposure, continuing at the offsite!

2:00 PM

Who's Attending

Blueprint convenes corporate innovators from CoLab member organizations in energy, finance, healthcare, mobility, and consumer goods, alongside over 100 startup partners, academics, and designers. Together, we explore collaborations that make system-level impact.

Join Us

Blueprint 2018 is by invitation only. Contact us for more information.